Paula Patton is getting roasted in more ways than one this week after a video of herself frying up some chicken left fans dumbfounded.

The 46-year-old actress shared the clip on Instagram last month, where she was showing fans how she cooks the poultry.

In the tutorial, the “Four Kids and It” star made some cooking snafus when she added seasonings to her grease and didn’t wash her chicken long enough before cooking it.

However, thanks to TikTok, the video has gone viral weeks later, with many users are throwing her into the fire and blasting her baking techniques on Twitter.

The account that first shared the video simply tweeted on April 4, “Paula Patton just ruined my day.”

More memes and reactions to the “Precious” actress quasi-cooking show started to trickle in, with another person adding: “Paula please go take a chicken frying class cos that’s just ridiculous.”

“Dear Black People: Spend more time with your mixed children and teach them how to make Black and Southern food properly. Paula Patton’s chicken is a disgrace to our cuisine,” said one user.

Another person chimed in, “On behalf of biracial people everywhere I want to say Paula Patton doesn’t represent our cooking at all. Don’t put that mess on us…someone just taught her wrong.”