Ozark’s long-anticipated finale answered whether the Byrdes would survive the car crash, but its aftermath was predicted as early as the pilot episode

The Netflix crime series follows Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) as they climb up the ranks of the criminal world.

In Ozark season 4, the Byrde children became fully involved in the family's criminal affairs, too, but a nasty car crash threatens the family unit in the season finale.

Ozark season 1 introduces Marty Byrde as a calculated financial advisor with exceptional expertise, and this gets him entangled with Camino Del Rio or Del (Esai Morales).

He uses his wits and persuasion skills to escape Del's death threat after Bruce (Josh Randall) betrays the cartel, and convinces Del to start a money laundering business in the Ozarks.

Marty's intelligence and persuasive discourses simultaneously keep his family safe and lead the cartel to give him ever more dangerous tasks. One such moment in Ozark's first episode exemplifies this.

The Ozark writers have been consistently good at remembering details from previous seasons and making them useful later on in the show.

Marty's minivan choice is yet another example of his relentless work to protect his family, from the Navarro cartel and from a car crash alike.