It's hard to deny how much Ozark's Jonah Byrde and Ruth Langmore were victimized over the show's four seasons.  

They were part of a vicious cycle, with Jonah entrenched in white-collar crime due to his parents' money laundering, and Ruth doing the dirty work on the drug side of the empire with the Navarros  

Admittedly, they were old enough to make their own decisions, but still, they wanted more out of life, ergo why the Byrdes capitalized and played them on a string.

Jonah hoped he could help protect his family so they could leave the seedy town behind and be happy again.  

Neither one got what they wanted. However, as tragic as their stories were, the show's biggest victim was actually Jonah's sister Charlotte. 

Charlotte was more self-absorbed in the first few seasons of Ozark, angry that the Byrdes uprooted themselves from a life of comfortable white privilege back in Chicago. 

She began to rebel, feeling like she had no agency, personality or identity while being told what to do to maintain the family secret.

once more, trapped her with her conniving parents because she knew she'd have to stick around to keep Jonah clean. Charlotte was victimized by her entire family by the time Ozark ended.