A second chance was hard to come by in Netflix's Ozark. It didn't matter if it were Wendy Byrde, her husband Marty or even Ruth trying to shake her Langmore curse 

That corruption and tendency for betrayal was why Wendy and Marty's son Jonah wanted out so desperately, hoping to take his sister Charlotte with him in Season 4, Part 2. 

Only one Ozark character felt genuine, even if he was somewhat unnecessary: the private investigator Mel Sattem.  

Unfortunately, during the final episodes, Mel showed his true colors by betraying Jonah and Charlotte. While Season 4, Part 2 made an effort to redeem him 

Mel became a gumshoe after he'd been previously caught stealing and snorting cocaine in the evidence room while with the Chicago Police Department. 

Ever since then, he'd hoped for a shot at grace, which is why he formed an alliance with FBI agent Maya Miller.  

Mel wanted to uncover what happened to Helen Pierce and Wendy's brother Ben, suspecting that the Byrdes got them killed. 

However, Ozark Season 4, Part 2 saw the family use their political power to get him his original job back as a way of ensuring he couldn't testify at Jonah's hearing to be emancipated.