Season 4 of Ozark carried on the tradition of displaying Ruth Langmore's impeccable musical taste. From the very beginning, Ruth showed off her love of '90s East Coast hip-hop. Throughout

Most depictions of white rap fans in media like in shows like FX's Atlanta are given the parody treatment.

This needle drop came in Episode 9, "Pick a God and Pray." The song was debuted on Wu-Tang Clan's first album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 1993

After learning Javi pulled out of the deal to supply Clare Shaw, this series version of Lydia from Breaking Bad, Marty Byrde asks Ruth if she'd be interested in helping out.

While it's sad to say, there couldn't have been a better song for Ruth to listen to in her final moments. Much of the first and second verses

revolve around Pete Rock speaking to the ramifications of having poor male role models at a young age. This is something Ruth experienced tenfold thanks to her family,

and in turn, it repeated the cycle that they perpetuated themselves. That being said, the song also encourages

listeners to look back on those who had a positive influence and to be thankful for their presence in one's life.