The Ozark series finale makes a clever nod to season 1 and Ruth’s deep roots on the show with the bobcat Easter egg in Ozark season 4 part 2.

The last seven episodes of the Netflix hit crime drama are as much about Ruth’s character as they are about the Byrdes,

Ruth’s singular bobcat sighting is an exception with no Langmores seen, but long-time viewers know that the bobcats hold significant meaning for Ruth.

After the shocking murder of Ruth’s cousin Wyatt in Ozark season 4, part 1, Ruth begins part 2 bent on revenge.

Tipped off by Jonah and Charlotte, Ruth follows Wendy and Marty to Chicago ready to avenge Wyatt’s death by murdering Omar Navarro’s nephew and the newly minted cartel leader, Javi.

One of Ruth’s greatest adversaries in Ozark has been the idea of the “Langmore Curse” that damns her entire bloodline to a life of criminality and failure.

Ozark’s season 4, part 2 Easter egg may also have a deeper meaning, however. While Ruth’s vision of the bobcats may refer to her freedom

Another interesting angle is that there are two bobcats and, as Ruth’s other visions have been focused on Wyatt, this could imply that she will soon join Wyatt in death