Throughout the Ozark series finale, Ruth’s visions play a pivotal role in understanding her character - and none emphasizes this more than the one that features Ruth’s uncle, Russ

As one of Ozark’s most beloved characters, the tragic end of Ruth’s story was as much a part of the series’ end as the Byrde’s survival.

Yet Ruth’s uncle’s song had a far deeper meaning than simply being a musical accompaniment to Ruth's last daydream.

Ozark’s Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) is the only character outside of the Byrdes’ four-member family to be featured in every episode of Ozark

By Ozark season 4, Ruth is again set against the Byrdes, taking vengeance into her own hands by killing cartel-leader Javi to avenge her beloved murdered cousin, Wyatt.

In a profoundly Shakespearian turn, Ruth spends the last episodes of Ozark haunted by visions of her dead family before she is murdered by Javi’s mother

Secondly, and perhaps most poetically, the series also implies a deeper meaning for the show through Prine’s lyrics.

Their belief in that “living” and the series ending with the Byrdes furthering their life of crime alludes to the idea that, like Ruth, the Byrdes will eventually find their living a hard way to go.