Wendy’s father's prominence in Ozark season 4 has finally explained the Byrde matriarch’s darkly villainous turn in the series.

The Emmy-award-winning show released its final seven episodes on April 29th, with The Walton’s Richard Thomas playing Wendy Byrde’s heavily religious and duplicitous father, Nathan Davis.

By the Ozark series finale, it is not hard to see what made Wendy into the ruthless and deceptive person she is, considering where her life began under the care of Nathan.

Beginning the series as something of an accessory to Marty’s story, Wendy Byrde’s role in Ozark has grown exponentially throughout the show’s four seasons, as has her ambition and ruthlessness.

By Ozark season 4, Wendy’s (Laura Linney) character knows no bounds, lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering in every direction.

However, through Wendy’s innate understanding of her father, she also reveals the worst parts of herself.

This leads to a juxtaposition between Wendy's character's ire being justified by Nathan's actions when raising her and Wendy's own hypocrisy in condemning her father.

Thus, Wendy’s legacy on Ozark is of both the tree and the apple that falls near it - with her father being the character to finally explain why she became one of the biggest villains of the series.