The Ozark series finale saw many key series-long storylines find closure in one way or another, however Ozark season 4 part 2 completely failed Rachel Garrison.

In a surprise early release, the final seven episodes of the series were released on April 29th, with Ozark season 4, part 2 seeing Rachel return to her hometown.

After her long absence from the show, her return seemed poised to bring an unexpected and spectacular end to the beloved series, until Ozark sabotaged it all.

As the former owner of the Blue Cat Lodge, Rachel was one of the Byrde’s first victims in the Ozarks after Marty used her business to launder money for the cartel.

Ozark season 2 saw Rachel’s life fall into further Bryde-induced chaos as Agent Petty drew her into a deal with the FBI.

The deal sent her back to the Blue Cat Lodge as an undercover agent, while Petty simultaneously fed her Oxy addiction.

At the end of Ozark season 2, Marty facilitated Rachel’s escape by sending cartel-tainted drugs to Agent Petty’s mother and sending Rachel to a Florida rehab.

Seemingly forgotten about or, worse yet, relegated to inconsequential, Rachel’s story ends with her back in the Ozarks, working for the Byrdes, and a pawn for the FBI.