Ozark star Julia Garner recently explained that Ruth Langmore's death at the end of season 4 felt like her own. Premiering in 2017, Ozark follows Marty Byrde (Patrick Bateman),

The Netflix drama series instantly became a critical success, garnering dozens of award nominations over its five years, with Garner winning two Emmys for her portrayal of Ruth.

Shortly after arriving in the lakeside community, Marty encounters town local Ruth and soon realizes that she is far more capable and intelligent than the rest of her criminal family.

Ozark season 4 finale when Javi's mother Camilla tracks her down and shoots her in cold blood at her lakeside home.

Garner recently sat down with Time and shared details about her intimate relationship with her Ozark character.

When asked about Ruth's final scene in the show's final episode, Garner explained that her character felt more like a ghost of who she was. This led to Garner feeling like Ruth's death was her own.

Although Garner explained that Ruth no longer cared about living, her final scene showed surprise and fear when Camila confronted Ruth.

Ruth quickly accepted her fate, goading the new cartel head, and dying on her back, looking up into the stars as she did with Wyatt.