One question fans already know the answer to is how many episodes there will be in Season 4. When Netflix broke the bitter news that Ozark would be ending

Season 4 will accordingly be comprised of 14 episodes split in half and released over two periods. What do we not know? It is time to dig into it!

Ozark’s showrunner has teased a “reckoning” for Marty and Wendy, wherein viewers will learn what the couple has in mind for their endgame.

What Will Happen To Marty And Wendy?

If there is one thing that Ozark proved last season, it is that despite the botched marriage counseling, vicious fights

Can Marty And Wendy’s Marriage Survive?

Then his demeanor abruptly changed, and he fired a gunshot through the sliding glass doors to the back yard using a shotgun.

Who Did Jonah Shoot?

If Ben had to die to keep things a secret, then Helen’s daughter is in equally hot water heading into Season 4.

Is Helen’s Daughter In Danger?

If you are waiting on Darlene Snell to get her comeuppance for all of the murders she has committed starting back in Season 1, think again.

Will Ruth Re-Think Her New Allegiance?

It was the moment no fan of Ozark will soon forget. In one of last season’s most stunning moments, Wendy or Marty, dreamed that she took out a gun and shot Marty.

Was Wendy’s Dream Prophetic?