The terrifying turret Bastion is seeing some of the biggest changes in Overwatch 2. His Self-Repair ability is gone, meaning he can no longer heal himself.  

Doomfist moves from a damage role to a tank role, with a boost in health and a new Power Block ability, which protects him from the front and can empower his Rocket Punch.  

Sombra’s rework makes her a deadlier hacker and more of a damage dealer. While her Hack ability now disrupts enemy abilities for a shorter period of time 

The centuaurlike defense robot Orisa is radically changing in Overwatch 2, starting with the removal of her Protective Barrier shield and her Halt! graviton charge ability.  

As part of Blizzard’s plan to make tanks more capable brawlers, Reinhardt now has two charges of his Fire Strike projectile.  

Winston’s Tesla Cannon now has a secondary fire mode: He can charge it up and release a ball of focused electricity.

Overwatch cowboy Cassidy loses his Flashbang stun ability for something more damage focused: Magnetic Grenade.  

Brigitte’s Shield Bash no longer stuns enemies, either. It will simply knock them back, dealing damage.