The central figure of Netflix's documentary Our Father is the infamous Indianapolis-based former fertility doctor Donald Cline - here's where he is now.

Our Father documents the heinous actions of Cline, who used his own sperm to impregnate his patients without their consent or awareness and, in turn, engaged in a slew of ethical violations.

As of Our Father's release, there are 94 documented Cline siblings and counting, most of whom live within the Indianapolis metro.

This results in the added serious issue of consanguinity, in which the likelihood rises of people not knowing that they're genetically related end up dating, marrying, or having children together.

While Blumhouse is more known for its horror movies, the upsetting nature of this story still makes it apt for the production company to handle.

this means that Cline's victims are continuously being retraumatized by his actions as they discover more of his offspring, who in turn experience their own devastation from the news.

His actions were egregiously unethical and bring forth serious risks to the area's gene pool, yet Donald Cline received no jail time.

listening to victims and whistleblowers, and speaking up for legislation illegalizing fertility fraud in the United States could bring justice to doctors exposed for committing this crime.