Moon Knight features the talents of not just actor Oscar Isaac, but also his brother, who went by a rude nickname during the show's filming.  

The Marvel series on Disney+ centers on a superhero with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which causes him to take on various alters.  

Moon Knight's identities are primarily split between the bumbling museum worker, Steven Grant, and ruthless mercenary, Marc Spector. 

Steven and Marc eventually find themselves interacting and even working together, conversing through mirrors, puddles of water or anywhere a reflection can be found.

In an effort to capture the most authentic portrayal of Marc's personalities in Moon Knight, Isaac looped in his younger brother, Michael Benjamin Hernandez.  

Hernandez not only acted but also underwent a physical transformation as well, dieting and training alongside Isaac in order to mirror his brother's MCU superhero physique in Moon Knight. 

The intentionality behind Moon Knight is likely a big reason why the show has done well so far. Between hiring Isaac's brother, consulting a psychiatrist in order to accurately portray DID 

With episode 4 hitting Disney+ on Wednesday, viewers have two more episodes left to find out if Moon Knight has truly delivered on all its promises.