Back in January, a few days before the Florida men's tennis team opened the 2022 season and defense of its first national championship

the UF coach about the opening-weekend travel itinerary that had the top-ranked Gators playing road matches at No. 5 Texas Christian on a Friday and No. 3 Texas on Sunday.

Specifically, Riffice wanted to know if the team would be driving from Fort Worth to Austin immediately after the game or making the trip first thing Saturday morning.

Shelton wasn't sure why it mattered, until Riffice explained he wanted to use the day between matches to take the LSAT in Austin that morning.

At just 22, Riffice is very much in his physical prime, but yes, he is a quintessential example of, at heart, being mature beyond his years. Literally.

Come what may over the next couple weeks, the Riffice plan is to finish up his LSAT requirements, then turn pro and see what happens over the next two years. Yes, two years.

"I have certain milestones in mind," Riffice said. "If I don't hit those milestones and I don't believe they're feasible, then I'll go to law school."

And get married, of course. Asked about a potential date, Riffice smiled and said he had no say in that. Consider that a goal out of his control.