Prime Video's Night Sky has finally led Jude (Chai Hansen) on a solid trail to the whereabouts of his father, Gabe. Night Sky premiered all eight of its season 1 episodes on May 20th, 2022,

and the season finale delivered the beginning of a clash between the cults with Jude and his parents squarely at the center.

The sci-fi drama's cliffhanger ending sets up many unanswered questions that Night Sky season 2 will be forced to address.

As Jude continues to follow the trail left for him by Gabe, Caerul cultist Cornelius (Piotr Adamczyk) is captured by Hannah (Sonya Walger)

who in turn is revealed not only to be an apostate like Gabe and Jude, but also seems to be the leader of another cult, the Fallen World.

Hannah tells Jude that fifteen years before the events of Night Sky, Gabe met Hannah and worked at her bed and breakfast - kindling a brief relationship before he left her.

While Gabe may have had entirely different reasons for leaving Hannah and the Fallen World, Hannah's actions cast an ominous shadow on their relationship

Hopefully, Night Sky season 2 will provide these answers - as well as cement a definitive answer as to why Gabe left to begin with.