Netflix’s new show, The Guardians of Justice, serves as a satire of the superhero genre, even pointing out DC's dumbest Superman problem, which is that he always seems to favor the United States.

Based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Watchmen, The Guardians of Justice was released on Netflix on March 1.

The series blends live-action footage with different styles of animation to tell the story of a team of superheroes struggling to save the world after the untimely loss of their leader, Marvelous Man.

As a parody of famous superheroes, The Guardians of Justice’s Marvelous Man mirrors Superman as an even better mirror than Bizarro.

Marvelous Man and Superman are both nearly omnipotent heroes from other planets, but their similarities go beyond their powers and origins and this is hinted at right in

the opening montage of The Guardians of Justice season 1, episode 1, “It Was Murder, She Said!” Without any explanation,

Marvelous Man arrives on Earth and saves the human race by ending World War III in one day, not supporting either side.

Later, though, Marvelous Man prevents JFK’s assassination but fails to save Premier Khrushchev of the Soviet Union.