Long-standing NCIS viewers will remember just how important Caf-Pow was to Abigail "Abby" Sciuto, but they might not know the story behind the former forensic scientist character’s favorite drink.

Throughout her time on the CBS show, Abby’s trademark look, as portrayed by actress Pauley Perrette, was rounded off with a Caf-Pow cup in her hand. If she ran out

Caf-Pow is an energy drink that quite literally fuelled Abby Scuito’s NCIS career. Her excitable demeanor was likely the direct result of drinking too much caffeine.

Special Agent Gibbs, who was given the perfect legacy when he left NCIS drank black coffee but it is no surprise that Abby needed the boost, being the only forensic scientist working in the NCIS lab.

The most bizarre storyline that Caf-Pow was ever involved in saw the drink help save Ziva David — who later reunited with Tony DiNozzo and the NCIS crew from terrorists.

In NCIS season 7, episode 1, “Truth or Consequences," Abby and Tim McGee tracked shipments of the drink to the terrorists’ location after discovering that their leader had acquired a taste for it.

Since Pauley Perrette left NCIS in 2018 after 15 seasons, Caf-Pow has sadly taken a back seat. The show’s new forensic scientist, Kasie Hines, played by Diona Reasonover

It is not known whether Caf-Pow will ever make a proper comeback on NCIS, but it is safe to say that the signature drink will always be remembered as fondly as its other departed stars.