The past few episodes of NCIS have been mainly about Nick Torres's personal life. He went to Hawaii and reunited with Jane Tennant while another episode featured his romantic past,

Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight took center stage, and it seems like they're about to become the couple the show's been waiting for.

Earlier in Season 19, Knight was supposed to attend a family wedding, but her plus-one bailed on her. After everyone else was busy, she decided to ask Palmer to be her "date."

so fans immediately began speculating that they were going to become a thing. "All or Nothing" confirmed what fans had already picked up on, but will it last?

Before the characters could make any personal moves, though, there was the case of the week. Navy reservist John Murphy was poisoned at a car wash because of what he had in his van slot machines.

Murphy was trying to expose a plot in which the slot machines had been wired to send a percentage of every dollar to an offshore account (similar to the plot of Gary Cole's film Office Space).

Jimmy told her "You'll never catch a wave if you're too afraid to get on the surfboard." That was a reference to an earlier conversation, and Knight agreed with him.

They work well together, and they've both been though a lot over the course of the season. A relationship would be a big win for both characters and the fans who've been waiting for some romance.