It's been reported by Deadline that former Enterprise captain and original Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula will be headlining a new pilot for NBC provisionally titled Unbroken.

Against the backdrop of the families' struggle for survival, a group of young women will compete for glory in the National Championship of Rodeo.

Bakula in his first major role since his seven-season stint on NCIS: New Orleans will play Ash Holleran, a retired rodeo champion trying to keep his 100-year-old ranch and his family together

Yellowstone and its prequel 1883, and Unbroken appears to be NBC's attempt at hitching a ride on the Western wagon train.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two shows is Unbroken's additional storyline that's centered around female rodeo competition.

That also indicates the NBC series will have an at least slightly broader scope than its cable counterpart, which was recently renewed for its fifth season.

While the pilot order for Unbroken demonstrates NBC's eagerness to get a slice of the Yellowstone pie it's still too early to determine just how closely the new series will resemble the hit drama.

If nothing else, Unbroken means that there's going to be more Scott Bakula on primetime television and that's never a bad thing.