As reported by Modern Notoriety, the footwear company announced that it will produce three styles of Jordan Zion 1s inspired by the classic anime and manga franchise,  

the first of which will be a bright-orange pair inspired by the series' main character, Naruto Uchiha, and his power-boosting Sage Mode. The second style,  

which features a stark black-and-white design, is themed after Madara Uchiha, the power-hungry ancestor of Sasuke and one of the series' primary antagonists.  

Finally, the third pair of sneakers comes in black and red and features a pattern that is meant to invoke the look of flowing chakra. This pair is inspired by the nine-tailed beast Kurama 

All three colorways feature the "jinchuuriki" seal on their back heels, which was the symbol that Minato used to imprison the beast within his infant son. 

The new collection was first teased by New Orleans Pelicans' power forward Zion Williamson on April 22.  

The basketball player tweeted out an image of Shippuden-era Naruto alongside an image of Nike's iconic Jordan logo.  

According to Williamson the collection "is inspired by our parallel paths of overcoming adversity."