The primary episode of Ms. Marvel is totally loaded with MCU Easter eggs and Marvel comic book references.

Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel left a mark on the world when she was presented in 2013, Marvel's most memorable Muslim-American hero.

By 2015 road specialists in San Francisco were utilizing pictures of Ms. Marvel to go against the counter Islamic American Freedom Defense Initiative

President Barack Obama name-dropped Kamala Khan when he met one of her co-makers, Sana Amanat, in 2016.

It was, accordingly, inescapable that Kamala Khan would make her MCU debut at some point or another. Wonder needed to hold off on presenting Ms. Marvel until after Avengers: Endgame,

since they accepted this laid out Captain Marvel as a central participant in their common universe - somebody who could rouse Kamala Khan and others like her.

Ms. Marvel episode 1's post-credits uncover the Department of Damage Control is investigating the new godlike.

The comics frequently saw Kamala Khan in conflict with the public authority, so it would check out for Damage Control to turn into a common issue for Kamala in Ms. Marvel going ahead.