To bring the fan-favorite Mr. Knight persona to Moon Knight, the Disney+ series crafted nearly four-dozen tailored suits for production.

Speaking to, costume designer Meghan Kasperlik revealed that 47 Mr. Knight costumes were created by her team in-house for the series.  

Being that the Mr. Knight suit is entirely white, the plethora of backup suits were on standby if one became dirty in any way.  

However, visual effects also helped with making sure that any imperfections the suit garnered were digitally wiped away.  

The attire for Mr. Knight first appeared in writer Warren Ellis' Secret Avengers #19 (2011), illustrated by artist Michael Lark, though Marc Spector would not be given the title of "Mr. Knight" 

until the suit returned for the first issue of Ellis' Moon Knight run in 2014. Since then, it has become a fan-favorite costume worn by the hero, though the show has altered its meaning. 

While Moon Knight is the persona of Marc Spector while he is wearing the Egyptian god Khonshu's magical armor, Mr. Knight is that of Spector's other personality, Steven Grant.

The show's story is more standalone from the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there have been no announcements on when or if Moon Knight will appear again in the MCU.