The third episode of Marvel's Moon Knight series dropped on Disney+ this week, and as always, fans continue to "assemble" even more theories about the many identities of Steven Grant the  

One theory on Reddit, from user Opposite-Smell-6629, suggests that Ethan Hawke's character is none other than Mephisto.  

Considering Mephisto has been theorized to make an appearance in nearly every Marvel Disney+ series since WandaVision's premiere last year, Harrow as Mephisto almost seems too obvious.  

Mephisto first appeared in Marvel Comics The Silver Surfer #3 in 1968 and has had a long and colorful history with notable MCU players 

Since WandaVision, theories surrounding Mephisto's MCU entrance have continued to circulate, as the possibilities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

continuing to tease the reveal of darker Marvel villains like Mephisto and even Nightmare, fans are hoping this trend will continue through the remainder of Moon Knight. 

Marvel's latest Disney+ series has been filled with stunning visuals, fascinating Egyptian lore and mythology and some jump-scares reminiscent of some of the finest horror films.  

Mephisto making an appearance in Moon Knight seems highly unlikely, though his appearance in the MCU is a reality that looms closer with every new MCU title.