In Moon Knight Episode 5, "Asylum", we get more than answers – we get the powerful origin story of Marvel's Moon Knight – and all the personalities that come with him. 

As indicated in the credits of last week's episode, the Egyptian hippo deity is Taweret, the goddess of 'women and children who helps souls pass into the afterlife.  

Taweret (in her upbeat way) is there to instruct Marc and Steven to balance the scales of their hearts, so they can be judged for the afterlife.  

As Taweret explains, the Asylum reality is the "Duat" or Egyptian realm of the dead, which (in mythology) is ruled by Osiris.  

There is a lot of mythology behind it (a realm of gods, souls, demons, etc.) but for the purposes of Moon Knight, it is the interior of Taweret's boat, which sails over the desert of the underworld. 

The Asylum is an asylum because it is the form of interior self that Marc Spector manifests as an "organizing principle" for his mind, as he is ferried toward the place of his final judgment.  

Steven isn't prepared for just how dark Marc Spector's life has been. Marc's asylum mind holds dark rooms – like one of all the people Marc Spector has killed.  

However, when a child shows up in the room, Steven loses his composure and splits from Marc, running into a different memory: the death of Marc's little brother