Just as audiences were beginning to feel comfortable with Marvel Studios' new Disney+ series, Moon Knight episode 4's twist ending pushes the show in a new direction  

Moon Knight episodes 1-3 introduced viewers to the newest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Moon Knight.  

Played by Oscar Isaac, the duality between the character's identities of Marc Spector and Steven Grant and their roles in serving Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, became the backbone of Moon Knight. 

After watching them work to stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from awakening Ammit, Moon Knight episode 4 flips the script on the whole story.

Moon Knight episode 1 didn't show the events that occurred any time Marc Spector took control, while Steven Grant's experience with the supernatural raised questions from others 

When it comes to Moon Knight episode 4, the first 35 minutes of the episode stick to the same tone and story that viewers have been following for three weeks.  

However, the final 15 minutes introduce a brand new location and concept for the series to play with during its final two episodes. Moon Knight's episode 4 twist ending 

where Marc Spector is seen as a patient in a psychiatric hospital, will surely leave audiences with more questions than answers.