Marvel Studios' Moon Knight on Disney+ hasn't shied away from highlighting the character of Marc Spector's struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  

In addition to serving as the avatar of the Egyptian mood god, Khonshu, Spector's other personality is that of Steven Grant; and from what fans have seen 

Throughout the show's first four episodes, fans and critics alike have praised Oscar Isaac's performances as the two distinct personalities and those moments where the two talk to one another. 

And, while Oscar Isaac deserves recognition for his plural portrayals, credit is also due to those behind the camera tasked with bringing Moon Knight's complex story to the screen 

In talking with FilmSpeak, Moon Knight director of photography / cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo teased his upcoming return to the MCU 

saying that he's "been asked" by Marvel Studios about his potential MCU return for "a few" upcoming projects 

Palermo, who served as the director of photography for Moon Knight's second and fourth episodes, isn't the only member of the crew Marvel Studios has recruited for a future project.

If Palermo's name doesn't appear in the credits for a 2023 MCU project, he and Marvel will have plenty of other opportunities to reunite down the line.