Speaking to Variety, director Mohamed Diab confirmed that early drafts of the show's script included two major crossovers which were eventually cut for the sake of the overall story. 

The director elaborated further that some of the best compliments he's received regarding Moon Knight ​​​​​​is that it doesn't feel like a story set within the MCU.  

Despite Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis explicitly stating that the series would not connect to the greater MCU, rumors swirled that the show would feature several major cameos.  

while many more were expecting Werewolf by Night to make his live-action debut following several unique Easter eggs.

While Moon Knight may not include any obvious connections to the MCU, eagle-eyed fans spotted several nods to other Marvel heroes in the show's first episode.  

In the scene where protagonist Steven Grant is shown researching Egypt, two reference books piled on his desk feature titles like What's Old Is New Again: Asgard and History of Wakanda.

While neither Thor nor Black Panther appears in Moon Knight, some fans speculate that the show is tangentially related to the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.  

Since the blockbuster boasts Gorr, the God Butcher as its central antagonist, many believe it could explain some lingering questions around Moon Knight's powerful Egyptian deities.