Amid the publicity surrounding the return of creator Bill Hader’s dark HBO comedy series Barry, was the news by the actor/writer/comedian that his signature Saturday Night Live character Stefon has been effectively retired.

 A staple for the performer during the latter half of his tenure on the long-running comedy institution, Stefon was the Weekend Update 'city correspondent' best known for offering visitors looking for an authentic New York experience an increasingly bizarre series of club recommendations instead.

Stefon’s suggestions would include a mix of odd personalities and locales, shared with an endearing combination of hesitation, jubilance and the sort of enthusiasm offered only by someone who’d been awake for several days on end.

Stefon’s appearances concluded with Hader’s final appearance as an SNL cast member in 2013.

Fed up after years of Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers' dissatisfaction with his suggestions and frustrated by Meyer’s failure to reciprocate his unrequited affections, Stefon announced he’d met someone better and was going to get married.

Realizing he’d made a mistake letting Stefon get away, Meyers caught up with him at New York’s St.   Patrick’s Cathedral, interrupting Stefon’s wedding to CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper.

Stefon first appeared in SNL's October 2008 episode in the sketch “Movie Pitch,” a fairly run-of-the-mill endeavor featuring actor/director/Batman Ben Affleck in his fourth outing as host.

It was the sort of oddball sketch typically featured in the last third of an SNL episode, with Affleck as screenwriter David Zolesky and Hader as his brother, Stefon.