Mandy Moore weighs in on Rebecca's emotional death episode in This Is Us season 6. After premiering in 2016 with an inventive series opener, the NBC drama has gone on to run for over 100 episodes.

The Pearsons' story will come to an end on May 24 after a final season that's spent more time in the future than ever before. Recent episodes have chronicled Miguel's passing

"The Train" finds the Pearsons gathered around Rebecca's bedside after she takes a turn for the worse. The episode shows Beth

Rebecca also talks with Randall's birth father, William, and Dr. K, who played a pivotal role in This Is Us' very first episode.

Moore's thoughts on "The Train" make a lot of sense. It's a huge episode for her character, arguably the biggest Rebecca-centric hour in the series.

It's hard to imagine the series finale being quite as satisfying for those who love her character. Still, it sounds like the final episode will have plenty to offer as well.

Moore also makes a great point about "The Train" feeling like "a classic This Is Us episode." From the beginning, the show has always enjoyed surprising viewers

It's only partway through the episode that viewers learn their car accident happened the same night as Jack's death, in a twist similar to the reveal that Jack and Rebecca's scenes take place in 1980.