Olivia Frazer and Jackson Louie were a Married At First Sight success story until Jackson got caught cheating.

The couple first found love earlier this year on MAFS: Australia. However, they quickly became the villains of their season, leading to a stressful exodus from the show despite leaving together.

Now that a cheating scandal is past brewing and reaching its boiling point, fans want a closer look at how the couple got here.

Olivia found and leaked a nude photo of her castmate Domenica Calarco. After being confronted, she was ready to leave MAFS for good.

The couple claimed editors left out some of the sweetest parts of their journey while looking back on the negative depictions of them on the show.

MAFS fans, however, always have their own reactions. Audiences couldn't ignore that Olivia always seemed far more infatuated with Jackson than he is.

Her Instagram is riddled with content devoted to Jackson, with captions describing him as the love of her life and lifeline.

Jackson then contextualized the cheating incident with all the negativity surrounding the MAFS couple. He said he's regularly been getting blackout drunk as a form of escapism from all the drama.