While the bitterness in the Roloff family is coming forward owing to the new Little People Big World Season 23, there are still some good bonds in the extended family.

This includes Matt and his youngest son Jacob Roloff. While his other sons, i.e., Zach and Jeremy, aren’t on good terms with their father over their feud about the Roloff Farms

Well, fans feel the elderly LPBW castmate has already picked Jacob as his most liked son. 

That’s because he also went on a vacation with him and his family to Arizona! Keep reading to know more details about this.

Little People Big World stars Zach and Matt Roloff’s nasty farm fight is now a part of their show.

Hence, all LPBW fans know by now that they are not on good terms. In fact, the famous son wanted to have a share of the farm to live in.

Despite this, his father didn’t allow it due to some differences regarding its maintenance.

Well, some recent posts on Audrey Roloff’s Instagram suggest that her husband, Jeremy Roloff, suffered the same fate.