The Love On The Spectrum US star Subodh Garg tracked down an accomplice in Rachel Osterbach, and fans are interested about where their relationship stands now.

The US variant got done with shooting in the mid year of 2021, and fans want to find out whether they're still attached in 2022.

Love On The range follows a gathering of six people with chemical imbalance as they adventure into the dating scene.

Subodh was first acquainted with watchers in episode 2 of the show. The 33-year-old referenced that he had never been out on the town and was amped up for the experience.

Subodh told watchers he was searching for a drawn out accomplice to venture to the far corners of the planet.

Love On The Spectrum set him up with Rachel, a reality star who was included on A&E's Born This Way.

Netflix affirmed toward the finish of the series that the two are still attached and anticipating voyaging together.

Several presently can't seem to travel together yet is wanting to do unexpectedly early. The Love On The Spectrum stars will travel Las Vegas in December.