Lightyear’s predicted success in theaters hints that Toy Story will break a massive box office record for animated movie franchises.

As far as animated movie franchises go, Toy Story is not only one of the oldest and highest acclaimed, but also one that continues to bring in an incredible amount of money at the box office.

Among its many other accomplishments, Toy Story (1995) was the very first Pixar-Disney collaboration and full-feature movie that was entirely computer-animated,

managing to launch an incredibly popular trend in filmmaking that will continue far past the franchise’s upcoming installment, Lightyear.

However much Toy Story surpasses Descipable Me after Lightyear’s debut, the Minions prequel will quickly recoup such losses.

While Lightyear is still expected to be a bigger hit than the Minions movie, the box office total of both franchises is apt to become more equal.

Even if Despicable Me manages to regain the title of the highest-grossing animated franchise shortly after Lightyear’s premiere.

While Despicable Me’s Minions prequel presents a problem for Toy Story to maintain the highest-grossing franchise record.