The only question was when he would get fired, not if. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Lakers could go with the NFL-style “ax the coach the day after the season ends” move. 

The Lakers’ search for his replacement is expected to be expansive and lengthy — without a clear-cut front-runner, sources said.

This news broke after the Lakers won in their season finale against Denver, 146-141 in overtime. Vogel was asked about it when he met with the media.

The Lakers handed their defensive coach a roster of players that couldn’t defend. Vogel’s rotations didn’t help matters at times 

he seemed to be throwing everything he could against the wall to see what would stick. He seemed to lose the locker room. 

The question for the Lakers heading into their next coaching search is what are they willing to offer a coach?

Reportedly offering in the three years, $18 million range (a championship coach of Lue’s stature would traditionally draw a five-year contract in the $35-$40 million range).  

Or are the Lakers still going to treat the coach as an interchangeable piece? If so, they will get an interchangeable quality coach.