Kourtney Kardashian of The Kardashians is teaming up with Gwyneth Paltrow for a collaboration between their Poosh and the Goop brands.

Both celebrities are dedicated to creating wellness brands that inform women on how to take care of their health, as well as tips on parenting, mindfulness, and fashion advice

Goop was founded by Gwyneth in 2008, and The Kardashians star followed suit over ten years later. However, the actress never saw Kourtney as competition.

Recently Gwyneth did a Q & A on her Instagram stories where a fan asked if she felt the reality tv star had copied her brand. The actress said she did not.

It's great to see the two health companies team up for a collaboration that fans of both brands can enjoy.

While The Kardashians star's Poosh brand may seem very similar to Goop, there's no need for the companies to compete when they can both coexist together.

Fans are so excited to see what the collaboration has to offer and can't wait to watch the behind-the-scenes process on the new episode of The Kardashians.

Kourtney and Gwyneth are sure to give fans exactly what they want with their Poosh x Goop partnership.