On American Idol, judge Katy Perry is known for her over-the-top antics that range from slightly silly to outright hilarious,

and her funniest moments from season 20 will make anyone break out into belly laughs. Katy is a pop superstar who began her work as a judge in 2018,

alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Her stint started when ABC revived American Idol after it was cancelled by FOX in 2016,

American Idol season 20 had some of Katy's funniest moments in the history of the show. She not only gifted the American Idol audience with her musical talent,

but displayed real comedic chops. Her highlights from the platinum season are sure to keep everyone laughing for years to come.

While she was in Texas for the American Idol Austin auditions, Katy returned from her lunch break to find Luke playing the piano in the audition room.

Katy is one of the best judges in American Idol history, and she is definitely the funniest. She makes the show entertaining with her amusing antics every year.

She seems to have a genuine brother and sister relationship with Luke, as he jokingly takes great joy in seeing her in funny situations.