Kanwar Dhillon as Shiva from Pandya Store has truly managed to get himself a massive fan following and the actor becomes the centre of attention for every big and small scene  

India Forums got talking to Kanwar about the most recent trend after a scene of the actor that managed to win hearts.  

''I looked up right when you told me about it and I honestly don't know how these kids do it, but every time they do it, I am surprised and taken aback by the love they give me. 

Be it my birthday, my parents birthday, in fact, my family also trends on Twitter and I think I can say that I have the best fans and I love them a lot.  

''The scene was actually heavy, and the thing with these emotionally bounded scenes is that you have to feel them. 

What I do is I get into the mind of what the little boy Shiva must have gone through, what Shiva is feeling now, and what I can put from my end into what is written on paper. 

I think a lot of things and then I do what I can instinctively, and whatever I do, I do it from my heart and that's how it looks and that is why it reaches people's hearts.  

All the credit goes to Arshad sir, our director, he is fabulous. When you get a beautiful director, you see that on screen and he gets the performance out of you.''