Star Plus show Pandya Store has been garnering a lot of love for its beloved duo Shiva and Raavi, i.e. actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik.

And with the ongoing track surrounding 'Shivi ki shaadi', Kanwar spoke to India Forums about shooting the same, and also, what goes into shooting for marriage sequences at large.

''This particular song sequence was fun to shoot, Bollywood masala numbers, and these kind of dance sequences are my forte and I enjoy shooting them

Coming to shaadi sequences, they are terribly hectic because of the outfits, and the attire and all the ornaments that you wear.

''It is good, but you have to bear the brunt and the heat and the claustrophobia that comes with it, but at the end, it looks so beautiful and aesthetic on screen that it ends up being worth it

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode will see Dhara getting Raavi ready for the wedding. However, Raavi is under the influence of the laughing gas and keeps on laughing while she speaks.

Now, the family tries to put laughing gas on Shiva. After a failed attempt, they are certain that in the second attempt they'll be able to spray the gas on him.

If that's not enough, there's more drama follow, and well, it'll only be interesting but also lovely