Sure, every actor strives and yearns for such high standards, but Leto outstrips many in his transformation into pudgy fashion designer Paolo Gucci  

MGM’s Ridley Scott movie House of Gucci, the one Gucci who like Rodney Dangerfield, just couldn’t get respect.

It was that “clown prince” and Fredo nature of the character which jumped off the page for Leto; the actor literally having no idea what the real guy looked like.

But after combing through an immense amount of research, Leto had three weeks to turn himself into a man, he literally looked nothing like.  

Not to mention, Leto has long hair. The actor on his own enlisted prosthetic designer Göran Lundström and wigmaker AnnaCarin Lock to come up with Paolo’s look.  

According to Paolo Gucci’s 1995 obituary, he designed 80% of the items in the Gucci catalog. During his life, he was fired twice by Gucci, but started his own brand.  

Paolo had big plans to exploit Gucci with designs of lamps, sunglasses, furniture, sleepwear, bedding accessories, lingerie and flatware. In 1980, he stopped working for the family business 

Paolo Gucci died from heart and kidney failure at the age of 64, a few months after the murder of his cousin, Maurizio.