It is an emotional moment for fans as Puneeth Rajkumar’s last film, James, releases on his birthday. The tragic circumstance under which this movie has been released makes it significant and special.

Puneeth would have turned 47 today if he had not died last year due to a cardiac arrest, in the prime of his career.

The action-thriller has people lining up to watch their idol to what he did best on the screen, one last time.

We only see Puneeth’s eyes through the rare-view mirror as he performs a series of manoeuvres behind the wheels to escape the enemy attack.

One can’t escape the strong sense of melancholy that comes with the knowledge of the fact that it will be the last time one would see Puneeth dance, fight, smile, cry and deliver punchlines.

one would want to savour these moments without sussing too much. Shivarajkumar’s voice has surprisingly fit Puneeth perfectly.

In one scene, Puneeth’s character is shot in gut. A friend finds him lying motionless. Then he holds Puneeth’s shoulders and gives him a hard shake.

Puneeth comes back to life sprouting blood from his mouth. But, it seems some things could only happen in movies.