Top Gun: Maverick shows off a new hypersonic jet called the Darkstar - but is it real? From the release of the film's first trailer, aviation enthusiasts have noticed Maverick's sleek black jet.

As it turns out, the aircraft seen in Top Gun: Maverick's intense opening scene may actually have a real-world relative.

Top Gun: Maverick opens with Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise) test-flying a jet that is referred to as the Darkstar.

The aircraft is incredibly high-tech, sporting all sorts of bells and whistles, and even goes up to slightly over Mach 10.

With most of Maverick being practical instead of CGI, many of the aircraft are either real or modified versions of real jets.

However, due to the Darkstar's capabilities and appearance, some viewers have questioned the jet's origins.

While the Darkstar is modeled after the SR-72, Tom Cruise doesn't actually get to fly one in Maverick. Demonstrations of the SR-72 aren't expected to start until at least 2023

While Top Gun: Maverick's Darkstar jet is based on the SR-71 and SR-72, it isn't actually a flyable version of the legendary unreleased plane.