Even though her actor Estelle Parsons can’t do much filming for The Conners, the show's season 4 finale may bring back Jackie’s mother Beverly, judging by a tease in the penultimate episode.

Although some high-profile Roseanne guest stars like Christopher Lloyd’s Lou appeared on The Conners season 4

the series can’t bring back every supporting star from the earlier hit for fear of feeling like “Roseanne without Roseanne.”

Not only that, but in some cases, it’s not practical for Roseanne stars to appear on The Conners. For example, David Healy rarely shows up on the spinoff thanks to actor Johnny Galecki’s busy schedule

Although The Conners season 4 forgot Jackie’s romance with Neville for a long stretch, the sitcom made up for this when Neville proposed to Jackie at the beginning of “Three Ring Circus.”

While she has not technically left The Conners and, indeed, appeared via a Zoom link at one point in season 3, Beverly has been absent throughout season 4 due to a combination of factors

The creators of The Conners may have managed to accommodate Beverly’s presence in the season 4 finale

Given the circumstances, it would be fair if Beverly was unable to appear in The Conners season 4 finale—although this would make the preceding episode’s tease an unfortunate misdirect.