You may have seen an article bouncing around the web yesterday from Forbes in which LeBron James was "officially" anointed billionaire status. 

In the 24 hours since their article went live, hundreds of very respectable news outlets, from ESPN to the Wall Street Journal, have parroted the claim.

 In the same 24 hours, we here at Celebrity Net Worth have received about a hundred emails and DMs calling for us to either update our info OR explain why we think Forbes article is not correct. So let's dig into it…

In our opinion (and we have been tracking LeBron James' net worth longer than any publication in existence), LeBron James is not a billionaire at the moment. 

We currently peg LeBron's net worth at $600 million – an extremely respectable figure, but still a few hundred million shy of cracking the coveted three-comma athlete club.

According to our ranking of the richest athletes in the world, depending on who you think qualifies as an "athlete," there are four billionaire athletes on the planet:

On the above list, $600 million leaves LeBron James tied for sixth place, behind only Tiger Woods and Dwayne The Rock Johnson who both sport roughly $800 million fortunes.

Let me preface this by making it clear that we're not just trying to be haters here. I would LOVE to be able to write an article today declaring LeBron James officially has become a billionaire.