Of the many beloved NPCs in FromSoftware's latest release, Elden Ring, Ranni the Witch often sits at the top of fan-favorite lists.

From her gorgeously magical design to her idealistic desire to rebel against the established order that governs the Lands Between, it's no surprise that the Lunar Princess is admired by many fans.

Players have the chance to earn special items as well as more pieces of lore that paint a greater picture of the complicated history that Elden Ring weaves through its narrative.

On the surface, Ranni the Witch advocates for freedom from the controlling influence of The Greater Will.

However, a look into Ranni's history long before the Tarnished is tasked to restore the Elden Ring puts the widely-loved NPC into a questionable spotlight.

Underneath her valiant devotion to change the world, something darker hides within Ranni's enchanting persona -- something that could possibly reveal an evil streak in the character.

Ranni the Witch is the perfect example of a morally gray Souls character, and to label her as "evil" would be unfair to an NPC that brings about the best possible outcome in all of Elden Ring's endings.

This is an optimistic future for the world of Elden Ring but at a price. Just like in every other FromSoftware game, even the good endings come with a heavy cost.