The New Orleans Pelicans played at their season's peak to take a 125-114 win from the Phoenix Suns in The Valley.  

Brandon Ingram scored 37 points, CJ McCollum added 23, and the Pelicans will head back to New Orleans with a chance to take control of the series.

"It was amazing, just to see him work. I just stopped calling plays and let him call them. He was getting the ball. His teammates were finding him. He hit some incredible shots."

The hard-fought win was the team's first playoff victory since 2018. In a game of minor adjustments, Green said, "The most important thing with our group is we just kept our poise. 

They made some runs. (We came) out and executed over and over again in the last five minutes of the game."

Brandon Ingram told the television broadcast crew he "started aggressively," but it was his 26 second-half points that secured the win.  

Ingram added 11 rebounds and nine assists, falling just short of his first career triple-double in just his second playoff game. 

The Pelicans dealt with those issues all season, but Game 2 showed those obstacles strengthened their resolve.