Star Plus show 'Imlie' has kept the viewers on the edge of the seat with the current track wherein Imlie and Aryan have challenged each other.

Aryan is certain that he will get married to Imlie while Imlie is trying her best to stop the wedding.

In the previous episode, Imlie finds mehendi applied on her hands and gets thinking about how can it be possible.

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan enters the room and asks about Imlie's mehendi. Imlie loses her calm and lashes out at Aryan.

He recalls how he applied mehendi on her hand by sneaking in the room. They argue. Aryan thinks to himself that he will have to get married to Imlie at any cost.

Furthermore, the families get ready for sangeet function while Imlie is certain that she won't let Aryan win the challenge and will not perform any other pre- wedding ritual.

Aryan sees Imlie and admires her beauty. Imlie is certain and dedicated to win the challenge while Aryan could read what's going on in Imlie's mind.

In the forthcoming episodes, Imlie strikes a deal with Gudiya and promises her to get her married to Aryan.