Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Aryan is stunned as Imlie talks to Arpita about Sundar and she breaks down emotionally.

Arpita isn't ready to take any decision this time and focus on doing what is right for family.

Here Aryan thus locks Imlie in the room and Uday comes to meet Arpita at Rathor house.

Uday tries to impress people with his virtues and showcase goodness drama.

Uday goes to talk to Arpita and asks about her past and Arpita reveals her husband died and she is getting remarried.

Uday likes Arpita and says that he is ready to marry her while Arpita is silent, Imlie is trying to get out of room and jumps off the balcony to stop this alliance.

Imlie jumps and here Aryan catches her in arms and both shares an eyelock.