Star Plus show 'Imlie' has kept the viewers on the edge of the seat with the current track wherein Aryan is adamant on getting married to Imlie while she doesn't want to fall prey in Aryan's trap

. In the previous episode, Aryan applied mehendi on Imlie's hands leaving her shocked. Imlie is certain to find a way out of the wedding.

In the upcoming episode, Imile and Aryan lock horns again. Imlie assures him to not let him succeed. They head for sangeet ritual.

Tripathi family and Meethi get emotional as they talk about Imlie's childhood. Imlie thinks to herself that she will have to get the proof which can help in proving Aditya's innocence

Imlie tricks the family and heads towards Rathore house to find the proof. Gudiya follows her to kill her.

Imlie finds a pendrive which has the video proving Aditya's innocence. She gets elated. Aryan arrives.

Imlie tells Aryan that she has gotten the proof and will no longer have to marry him. Aryan tells her that she is only thinking about her ex-husband and his family

Aryan tells her that she can only play the video once and will not be able to prove anything. He takes her in his arms and asks her to return to the sangeet function.