Season 4 of The Rookie included a number of important story arcs that contributed to major character development.

Meanwhile, Harper and James were married -- while the long-awaited Chenford seemed to be pushed further away, as both characters dated other people.

The biggest developments, though, happened in the final two episodes of the season. "Mother's Day" featured several characters making big decisions

most notably a Chenford-centric cliffhanger that has fans poised to get what they want. Here's how all of that played out in the finale and how "Day in the Hole" set up Season 5.

Officer Nolan received a letter of reprimand to start Season 3, and because of that, he knew he would never become a detective. 

Harper was his training officer. However, that didn't last the whole season because she became pregnant. She wanted to keep working while she was pregnant.

Those fans were right, sort of. "Day in the Hole" had a Bradford and Chen subplot that ended with the biggest Chenford moment yet -- the duo finally shared a kiss.

It really looks like The Rookie is set to incorporate Chenford in Season 5 after years of anticipation, but fans will have to wait and see where the characters pick up next season.